Bird fraktur triptych, punch needle wall art set
Bird fraktur triptych, parrot punch needle wall art
Bird fraktur triptych, peacock punch needle wall art
Bird fraktur triptych, pelican punch needle wall art

Bird Fraktur Triptych, punch needle rug wall art set

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This set of three punch needle mats are inspired by birds found in Pennsylvania Dutch Fraktur. Inspired by block prints, the limited colour palette may seem simple, but the final design is rich and sophisticated. 

Each punch needle mat measures approximately 11.5" x 16.5"

About the birds depicted, from left:

  1. The Parrot, or parakeet, often represented the soul in Pennsylvania Dutch Fraktur; birds were an important symbol as they portrayed a link between heaven and earth.
  2. The Peacock, looking back at its tail, was a foreteller of bad weather and a symbol of rebirth in Pennsylvania Dutch Fraktur. 
  3. This stylized Pelican is often found in Pennsylvania Dutch designs. Notice it's beak reaching toward its breast? Shown with their young, they are thought to symbolize sacrifice - as they're believed to feed their chicks with blood from their own breast when food is scarce.